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Friday, July 14, 2017

Time Well Spent

Spring and early summer were spent in multiple personal and professional pursuits. Overall the plans went well and the many goals we had for family life and professional endeavor were met. Now it's a new turning point, a time for new planning with the days ahead in mind. What's important? How will time be spent?

Using a loose-tight approach that's tight enough to meet goals, but loose enough to leave room for the unexpected and serendipity, there's a lot to accomplish.

Home: A Learning/Living Studio
I like to think of my home as a studio--a place for creativity, design, and lots of love. It's time to simply renovate my home beginning with a big clean-up. Our family members are older and our needs have changed so it's a good time to recycle and replace lots of objects that have grown old or that we no longer leave so that our space is renewed and revitalized for the goals that matter most to us.

Study: Gaining Information and Outlook for identified Goals
There's lots of study to do--books to read, articles to analyze, and information to embed into next year's teaching and outreach efforts. One goal of revitalizing our home is to make space for that endeavor. The materials have been purchased for this study and the summer learning goals created and continually revised, so now it's a matter of making time for this effort. Essential study is outlined on these research and planning posts.

Our family had the chance to enjoy each others company a lot so far this summer as we visited the beach and mountains. We had a great to celebrate accomplishments and look forward to future goals and adventures. Planning for these special occasions helps to keep our family bonds and connections close so I look forward to planning more events and special times to come. Looking forward to events like this gives our daily efforts and commitments meaning and purpose.

As in everyone's life, there are a number of have-to's that have to be accomplished too--events like college applications, financial records, doctor visits and more that are best completed with good lead time and organization.

Time is one limitation we have in life, and spending that time well helps us to accomplish what really matters to us and those we love and live with. It's good to take some time now and then to focus on what's important and how to get there. Onward.