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Friday, July 14, 2017

Small in the Sea of Time

Each of us is so small in the sea of time--a blink of an eye, a drop of rain, a speck of light, a grain of sand.

Yet we have enormous opportunity to impact our time with the way we use that time.

However, this choice related to time, is challenged by the quick pace of change, innovation, and events--life moves ever so quickly and this speed can create chaos and indirection as we notice all that's happening.

So as my dad has always said, "a little for today and a little for tomorrow" which means that we have to keep abreast of our changing world while attending to important matters close to home.

Setting the stage for this now and later effort is essential--if our spaces, both physical and mental, are too cluttered we'll be unable to move forward in ways that matter. Hence, we have to declutter and streamline our spaces for the good work, living and loving possible.

Within that space we have to make time and place for continual learning, revision and renewal in tandem with doing the daily work necessary to meet our goals and dreams.

So while the world morphs and changes, I'll take note, speak up and revise as needed. Meanwhile I'll attend to my main goals of a loving home, good relationships, positive teaching and learning, and enjoying life's opportunities and pleasures too. Onward.