Friday, July 14, 2017

Entertainment Matters

The Venetian offered great food, people-watching and entertainment Image Link
Great costumes, dancing
Last week at the NB Academy, I had a bit of free time to enjoy what Las Vegas has to offer. Typically I never choose to visit a place like Las Vegas. Instead, when I have some free time and dollars, I head to the mountains or beaches. I like open, natural spaces. Yet as an avid people-watcher, I find almost any place intriguing, so I was open to Las Vegas events and attractions.

During my visit, what I found most enjoyable were the shows--I watched the Las Vegas Show and Human Nature Jukebox during my short visit, and found both shows purely entertaining. I marveled at the dancing, singing, storytelling, graphics, settings and instrumental performances. It's rare to have the opportunity to see shows like that in my own environment, so this was a chance to truly and simply relax and have fun! I also liked touring the imaginative spaces such as The Venetian's Italian plaza which included wonderful restaurants and even an opera performance.

Terrific Entertainment
In the days following the entertainment, it was great to find that the shows had freed my mind and relaxed me so that the learning and collaboration was more successful, creative and open. This experience brings me way back to a conversation I had with first graders once. We were talking about successful teamwork and a very wise first grader said that people had to be able to have fun together if they were going to be able to work together. That's exactly the experience I had this week in Las Vegas where I learned a lot about teaching and a lot about the value of good entertainment too.