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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

NBCT Strong Continues: Embedding NBPTS in Work Today and in the Future

#NBCTStrong begins with a deep dive into What Teachers Should Know and Be Able to Do

The NB Academy has come to a close and before I'm on my way, I'd like to thank all the wonderful NBPTS staff and educators who made this incredible event happen. I don't want to lose sight of the event's impact so in the post below I outline the next steps.

First, I plan to share this post and these tweets with the educators I'll work with in Massachusetts to help ignite our MTA NBPTS efforts. I'm also publishing this post so that other interested educators within my school, system and PLN may hear about what's happening and get involved if interested.

Next, our MTA NBPTS coordinator has written a grant to obtain funds to support our initial efforts to ignite an MTA network of NBPTS certified educators. The network will include an invitation for all MTA NBCTs to connect virtually as well as efforts to Jumpstart NBPTS for MTA members who are interested in becoming NBTCs with targeted support. 

If the funding comes through, we'll "train the trainers" which means that a small number of MTA NBCTs will partake in training via a network that has successfully utilized the NEA's Jumpstart Program. In the meantime, we've joined NEA's Jumpstart Ed Community.

To prepare for the training to come, I hope to study the NBPTS book pictured and linked above and embed the book's propositions and information into my teaching/learning program's curriculum map and professional learning efforts. I also plan to look over the NB Connect materials and NBPTS website highlighting main points to use in my daily professional practice and to share with colleagues.