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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Teaching/Learning Goals 2017-2018

As students clean up and put away supplies today, I'm thinking about next year's teaching and learning goals.

Math Engagement and Progress
Students made good progress with math knowledge, concept, and skill, and I think we can lift engagement levels more in the year ahead. I believe that the addition of more floor-to-ceiling project/problem based explorations and activities will boost that engagement.

Reading Proficiency and Comprehension
Again students made good growth, and I think we can develop this even more by adding in specific time for read aloud across homerooms as well as adding more guidelines for independent reading in my homeroom. I want to work with our reading specialist and lead teacher in this regard.

Writing Growth and Development
I'd like to help develop this by adding greater math writing to the math program.

Student Support and Coaching
It's always challenging to give every child the time he/she deserves since needs vary and time is never enough. I want to build in more creative coaching efforts next year that make sure every child is getting a good amount of one-to-one and small group coaching from teachers and teaching assistants in the year ahead.

Expanding Students' Lifelong Learning Outlook and Global Lens
I want to work with colleagues to look at the many special events we promote at the grade-level to determine how we can develop these events as one way to develop students' learning depth and global lens. We want to develop strong, open minded global citizens.

I want to look for ways that we can better embed open circle and SEL into the curriculum to help develop every child's emotional intelligence and ability to work with others. We know these are essential skills when it comes to success in our world today.

I want to continue to look for ways to embed and develop students' passions as part of our overall program.

Metacognition, Personalized Learning Paths
I'd like to develop the student portfolio process as one way to help students develop metacognitive skill, analysis, reflection, and personal learning paths.