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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Response to Critique

As I critical thinker, I'm quick to find fault with my own work and efforts. I can always see better and reach for that continuously.

Yet, at this second to last day of school, I want to sit back a bit and take it all in as I meet with my bright eyed, spirited fifth graders who are filled with tremendous potential for promising futures, contribution, and good living.

Today I'll focus on all the wonderful learning and experiences we've shared this year. These last days won't be days of pushing forward and reaching deep, but instead days of recognizing the greatness each of these children hold for good lives--greatness I don't want them to forget.

I'll thank them for sharing a year of their lives with me, and I'll tell them that I learned a lot from each of them and value who they are and what they bring to the world. I'll encourage them to build their great skills and personalities so that they can pay it forward by helping others to live well and contribute to our world in ways that matter.

I'll respond to critique, my own and others, later in the summer months when my tired end-of-school brain has rested and I'm ready to move into the new school year. Onward.