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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Second to Last Day Musings 2017

The morning was idyllic. We had a good talk about Memory books and some tech choice. Then it was time for move-up day which included 15 minutes talking about our team approach and 15 minutes to meet the students in our homerooms. After that students signed Memory Books, and then it was the girls and boys changing bodies talk. Next, lunch. A day well planned.

The afternoon wasn't as relaxed as I handed out countless last minute notices and papers that were dropped off in my classroom and facilitated a somewhat half-hearted clean-up. Then there was time for choice again, and all was calm.

It seemed like a busier than ever end of the year this year and I think that was partly to do with the fact that weather played havoc with some of our plans causing postponements and cancellations. There were also a few last minute scheduling snafus and tremendous work to complete the fifth grade play, MCAS tests, and the biography project which all went very well.

The team will spend a few days this summer reflecting on the year's efforts and mapping out the next year. I think we may decide that "less is more" with regard to some efforts, and with others I think we'll shoot for greater depth. Further I'm sure we'll tweak the schedule a bit. We'll have 15 minutes more a day and we'll likely dedicate those minutes to a combination of SEL, read aloud, open circle and targeted student coaching and support

I must say that I learned as much as the students this year, and as I often remark that is both plus and challenge of the position.