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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Hearsay Does Not Lead to Good Analyses

As I think of an individual's evaluation statement, I recognize that the statement is based on hearsay and the observations/emotions of one or a few rather than good metrics and holistic assessment. This leads me to desire a better system of holistic analysis with regard to school programs.

In the past simple scores and standardized test scores sufficed, but today I notice that it seems like the research is pointing to greater depth with regard to teaching/learning programs, and this greater depth requires new and better metrics.

While educators and family members still want metrics that demonstrate progress in essential skills such as reading, writing, and math, now families want to ensure that their children are gaining good social/emotional skills, teamwork, growth mindset, and the ability to learn with meaningful project/problem based learning and the design process. Family members want their children to be excited about school and able to create and follow their own learning paths to success. They recognize the research that points to success and how that success depends on traditional skills and abilities as well as the emotional intelligence, physical health/strength, creativity, communication and more.

This leads me to wonder about the metrics of successful learning and teaching--what makes a child strong.

I offer the following:
  • The child is developing essential skill and knowledge in reading, writing, math, science and social studies.
  • The child is able to create a personal learning path and seek/use support/resources to successfully navigate that learning path.
  • The child is developing emotional intelligence with regard to metacognition, self regulation and the ability to work successfully with others. 
  • The child is able to think and work intellectually and creatively as he/she completes project/problem base learning.
  • The child is a happy and successful learner.
What would you add to this?

I'll be thinking more about this in the days ahead.