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Thursday, May 04, 2017

The Long View

Wishing that all my students scored 100% on a recent assessment, it was comforting to hear stories of further growth and development from a teacher at the Middle Schools. Sometimes when the goals are staring us in the face, we forget that it takes time to achieve and what's most important is that we are moving students ahead in ways that are positive, enriching, meaningful, and engaging.

With a host of tests ahead, I'll spend the next few days of school helping students to remember what is most important with regard to these tests. We'll also spend lots of time on the fifth grade play, field experiences, and science study--all of which are lots of fun, a perfect way to end the year.

We can't lose sight that with the future in mind, what's important is to inspire our young learners and develop the tools, insight, and confidence they need to move forward in ways that matter.