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Friday, May 05, 2017

The Value of Job Descriptions

In discussion, the value of job descriptions came up.

Years ago I remember writing a lot about this with regard to my own job. Since that time there's been a great deal of definition given to my position as a classroom teacher so it's quite clear as to what I'm expected to do and how I'm supposed to do it. There's certainly room for revision and development with my role description, but in general it is clear.

In this regard, I want to be even more explicit about students' "job descriptions" or expectations in the learning community. With developing research, school days, tools and environments, a student's "job" as a learner has changed quite a bit and it's important to discuss the elements that make up that "job" - elements such as growth mindset, self advocacy, use of technology to support learning, developing passion/interest, using multiple tools, presentation, learning communities, standards and more.

The more students know what's expected and what can help them learn well, the better they will be able to reach the learning possible.

Creating, developing, and revising job descriptions is an important act when it comes to teaching and learning well--this act helps to give definition to our jobs, and is best done in loose-tight ways, ways that provide definition but room for important change and flexibility too.