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Thursday, May 04, 2017

Thinking About the Math Year Ahead: What Worked?

Today students took a benchmark test.

It was interesting to see the results and assess student growth and performance.

What did I notice.

At-Home Tech Support
For some students, at-home tech practice and support spelled significant growth. That makes me want to establish a good online tech-practice routine early in the year next year.

Teaching All Standards
It's imperative that we teach all standards, and I want to re-think how we do that. Many efforts worked, but I need to build in more practice for the most important skills, knowledge, and concept.

Engaging Activities
There are so many engaging ways to teach and practice math, and I want to build more of that in for the year ahead.

Explicit Attainable Goals
I want to make more accessible goals--the kinds of goals students can easily understand and work towards.

Re-thinking the Order of the Scope and Sequence
I think a bit of reworking the scope and sequence order will spell greater success for all students.