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Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Living in Trump Times: Powerless

There's a feeling of powerlessness in Trump times as new laws support a lack of transparency, and financial support for the wealthy.

There's a feeling of powerlessness in Trump times when he and his staff tear at public schools--the same schools I've devoted my life's work to, and the schools that have well educated so many and have been the foundation of the strong country we have.

There's a feeling of powerlessness when mostly White men choose to take health care away from a country of great diversity.

There's a feeling of powerlessness when we have a President who has outwardly made fun of and demeaned women so many times.

There's a feeling of powerlessness when the President fills his pockets with money by hosting dignitaries to do official business at his private businesses.

There's a feeling of powerlessness when I read that the President fires a man that is investigating how Russia influenced the election that elected him.

Never before in America have I felt so powerless and small. Never before have I felt that our country is led by a person who seems to really not care about the American people or values. Never before have I felt that we have a leader who is truly satisfied with conjecture and "alternative facts."

It is a worrisome time in our country--It is a worrisome time I am thinking deeply about. Like so many, I am discouraged and frightened by what seems like a misuse of power and a great disregard for our country and its people by our President.

I always hope that I am wrong, but his acts continue to convince me that I am not wrong and that this is a time when the American people have to speak up.

Of course, I couldn't figure out why Comey spoke out against Hillary Clinton right before the election. It didn't seem right, but I wasn't privy to the information or well informed about the laws. What I knew about Comey was from a little I read and what I had seen on television which was positive. I didn't investigate Clinton's email issues as it was not an issue that was going to influence my vote. I voted for Clinton--her experience demonstrated to me that she was a woman who had the best interests of people in mind. Her track record of contributing countless hours to the greater good demonstrates that. Plus I know quite a bit about emails and email choices, and know that how email is used is a changing phenomena.

Then when Comey spoke about his worries about Russia's influence on our elections and the subsequent investigation--I listened. I wanted to know what the outcome of that investigation would bring--what really happened, who was involved? It seemed that he would conduct a fair investigation since he was willing to speak out against Clinton, which made him seem like he leaned towards support of Trump, but then he was willing to investigate Russia's influence on the campaign and the election.

Also to see Trump speak about sending more troops to Afghanistan--a place that has been a problem for so many years is discouraging. All I can think of is the innocent young people who will lose their lives for a purpose that doesn't seem like it's worth it--does Trump care about the average American? It doesn't seem like he does.

Now to see Trump fire Comey seems very suspect--it just doesn't seem right. I'll stay attuned. I'll listen. I'll learn more. I'll find allies to talk to and learn from.

These are worrisome times in America, and our country is too good to give up on. Hopefully brilliant, courageous, truth-seeking, peace-minded individuals will step forward and collaborate to unveil the truth in these troubling times. I will look for ways to support this cause.

On 60 Minutes the other night, the piece about the brave Ben Ferencz inspired me--I hope that people like Ferencz stand up and seek the truth in this troubling times. If you didn't watch the piece, take a look--it's amazing!