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Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Teaching Well: The Intake

When we welcome new students to our schools, do we use a positive intake process or is this an area of teaching life we can better.

Now I'm one who doesn't believe that teaching and medicine are exactly the same, and I have a lot of problems with the "medical model" of rounds as they are applied to education as I believe educational rounds are not sufficient when it comes to truly understanding what's happening and what can happen in a classroom.

However, I'm wondering if the medical model for intake is a good idea for education. Can we use a better method of meeting and greeting new students, a method that ensures that those children are starting school with a quality program that matches their needs and interests.

I think there's room for improvement via a better intake approach in all schools. This is an area I'll be thinking about in the days ahead as I plan for next year's start. Please share your thoughts in this regard.