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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

School Priorities

There are a number of structures, routines, and efforts that matter a lot in school. As I think of developing my craft and ordering materials, I want to be cognizant of these elements.

Realistic, Supportive Routine
Setting a good routine and schedule at the start of the school year helps you to meet the priority teaching/learning goals.

Priority Teaching/Learning Goals
For the most part, the teaching/learning goals that matter most to system leadership are meeting the State standards and SEL/community building goals and efforts. So as we set the schedule, we'll look for ways to make time for SEL and standards-based teaching/learning.

Positive Protocols and Procedures
I will make the time to work with students to create positive protocols and procedures for teaching/learning community success and happiness.

Positive teamwork will be a continuous thread throughout the school year--a thread that we'll support throughout the curriculum efforts.

Showcase Portfolios, Reflection, and Metacognitive Skill
The showcase portfolios serve as a vehicle for reflection and metacognition. These portfolios also serve as a centerpiece of parent/student conferences and goal setting. I want to think about this process more with colleagues as I'd like to develop this practice in the years ahead. At the end of the year, the showcase portfolios serve as a storybook of the fifth grade year.

Math Materials and Teaching
My main focus is to teach math well. I have a nice collection of math materials, and hundreds of good math lessons and resources to support that. The focus will be to organize those resources as I prepare for the math teaching years ahead. I will also look for good opportunities to develop my math teaching repertoire.

STEAM Teaching
As our team focuses on this area of teaching in the days ahead, we'll think together about the best ways to incorporate and develop this practice.

Field Studies, Cultural Proficiency, and Special Events
This summer we'll focus our efforts on thinking about ways that we can continue to review and build our efforts in this area.

Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences
I want to think about the role of these conferences and how they might support children's learning well.

Materials and Supplies
As a team we've been thinking about the ways that we can make needed materials and supplies available to all students. As I clean up the classroom this spring, I may put together extra supply packets for students who may not be able to access the supplies they need for learning. Our team has found a way to provide tech to students who are not able to access that, and we'll use that strategy in the coming year. Further we'll order a few extra supplies as well to support student learning.

Teamwork, Collegiality, and Idea Share
There are many initiatives int he works that relate to classroom teaching and learning. I'll keep abreast of those initiatives by watching school committee meetings, attending faculty meetings, reading newsletters, and joining committees that support good teaching/learning. I'll seek to align my efforts to work and efforts that invite teacher voice and choice, and steer clear of areas that don't respect or welcome educator ideas and efforts.

Home-School Balance
As always I'll strive for a positive home-school balance which is often a challenge for teachers since both areas of life hold limitless opportunity and possibility.