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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Calm, Cool, Collected Day

Yesterday's challenge with the field study led the team to rethink end-of-year focus and protocols. We had a good talk as a student-teacher team yesterday, reset the protocols and revisited goals. Then this morning we reviewed the focus and protocols once again, and I noticed a calm, cool, and collected atmosphere in the room. Clearly this was needed and yesterday's events opened the door to this positive update.

Educators and students are pushed in many directions by all kinds of influences, and we have to continually seek balance and purpose amongst all that influence. Questions such as what are our goals, what matters most, and how can we do this well support positive effort in this regard. I feel so fortunate to work with a dynamic grade-level team of classroom teachers, teaching assistants, and specialists in light of this--it's our collaboration that leads to better work and good decisions.

I feel fortunate that we're at the other side of a few calls to recalibrate the year. It's good to move to this bright, gentler and celebratory part of the school year.