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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

What Do Students Need?

At this juncture of the school year, students need as much attention as there is time to give them. The day has limits, however, and there's a fair amount of expected efforts such as required assessments, so the goal is to slow down the schedule to make that time for support and care.

What will that look like in the days ahead?

Until the vacation start, students will complete common assessments, make time for reading, prep for ELA MCAS, meet with RTI groups, and enjoy a special turtle-centered event with high school students. The good weather will invite lots of play at recess too.

After vacation, the weeks are focused on expected events.

Fifth Grade Play
There will be time set aside in the weeks ahead to prepare for the fifth grade play. The play actually meets quite a few ELA standards as well as our efforts to work on team and camaraderie.

When we return to school after the vacation we'll focus on the ELA MCAS with practice sessions and the test itself which takes a few hours a day over a three day period. When students are not focused on the test or practicing for the play, they'll focus on math learning and reading.

Students will continue to study math standards as they prepare for the early May tests.

Biography Project
It's all hands on deck to support students' biography  project work.

Middle School Transition
Some time will be set aside to prepare students for the transition.

We'll set aside team time for STEAM projects and learning.

Field Studies 
We still have a few field studies left.

It's a busy time in the school year, and every week has a different focus. The overarching focus, however, will be to support the learners with kindness and care as we navigate the final chapter of the school year.