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Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Math Ahead: Prepping for Assessments and MCAS

Our math program includes multiple assessments. In the weeks ahead, students will take the following assessments:
  • Fraction Two (today)
  • Common Fifth Grade Assessment (next week)
  • Symphony Benchmark (May)
  • MCAS (May)
  • Measurement, Geometry Assessments (when we can fit them in)
To prepare for those assessments, teaching includes the following:
  • Explicit, whole class instruction
  • Small group practice
  • Response to Intervention (RTI) practice and learning
  • Online practice and learning via Khan Academy, TenMarks, Symphony Math, That Quiz
  • Problem/Project Based Learning
  • Some test re-takes, corrections, and make-up tests
In the days ahead, our teaching venue changes somewhat since special education staff and some assistants are pulled at times to help out with MCAS tests. Yet students are often able to help one another in this regard. 

There's a lot to learn as part of the fifth grade math program and overall students are making good progress with the goals set. Onward.