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Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Ideas/Efforts Unwelcome or Welcome?

Even when my speak and ideas are unwelcome, I have shared. Now, however, it is clear that there are some that don't invite educator voice and choice, and have no interest in what we think or what we do. This is a difficult reality to face since I would hope that all related to the education field would embrace teacher voice and choice, and work in collaboration with educators to do the best that we can do for all students.

This lack of interest is demonstrated in little to no response to ideas, minimal share of decisions and information, and lack of encouragement or interest in what goes on in schools. It is no longer worth trying to promote my ideas and questions in these educational arenas, though I will keep a close eye on these areas of educational leadership and study since I can't understand why some would work in education with seemingly little interest in students or the work done. I wonder, where is the enthusiasm, reach, vision, and collaboration?

As I move forward, I want to move toward greater share and collaboration with educators who really care about students and what we do in schools. Fortunately I work with a committed team of colleagues and a school of invested educators who are committed to doing a good job by students. I also belong to some committees at the state and union level that boost this kind of enthusiastic, deep, and enriching share and effort. I attend conferences throughout the year that further my enthusiasm and knowledge too. I watch school committee meetings and note investment there too.

What nags at me, and what I have to let go of, is that money and time are devoted in some areas that don't support the good work possible. I worry about this as I could see this money and time used instead for work and effort that truly support educators and students in ways that matter. We can streamline areas of little to no effect and then better support efforts that really make a difference. For any decision makers at any level of education whether it be a school-level, system-level, state or national level, it's important to think about this. What really matters and are we spending money and time in those arenas? Or is there time and money ill spent when it comes to serving students, families, and educators well to promote the best that education can do?