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Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Fraction Two Assessment: April 5, 2017

Students will take the systemwide grade five Fraction Two Assessment. I typically begin all assessments with a pep talk and a list of strategies that will help students with the test. I tell students that every test is different, and it's important to think about the strategies that will help them "show off what they know" on the test.

Strategies that will help students with this assessment include the following:

  • Remember the difference between multiplication and division of fractions--dividing means asking how many groups you can make of a certain size. For example 6 divided by 1/4 means how many groups of 1/4 can I make from 6 while multiplying 6 X 1/4 means if I had 1/4 of 6. That would be like eating 1/4 of 6 different candy bars, taking 1/4 of 6 cupcakes home, or 6/4.
  • Remember to solve problems with models, numbers, and words.
  • Explicitly write your answer so the test corrector knows what the answer is.
  • Show your work, don't just write the answer.
  • Check your work over and ask, "Is this reasonable?"
  • Write neatly, make your models carefully, and use colored pencils when possible.
  • Take your time, do your best.
As the proctor, I'll observe how students take the test, help out with reading words they may not know, and answer clarifying questions. When students finish, they will read books of choice.