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Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Trump Times: More Thoughts

Tonight I engaged in a Twitter exchange with a number of Trump supporters. I remained polite as we debated points. In the end, I blocked the debaters since their comments became derogatory and insulting.

I'm okay with respectful discourse and debate, but I don't have time for rude and impolite comments.
The debaters used a lot of comments that denigrated whole cultural/religious groups, and I don't believe that any one people, culture, race, or gender deserve to be judged by the acts of a few.

There were a few comments that caused me to think and perhaps research in time--comments that inferred information I don't know about related to laws.

There is much to know in today's world, and as Trump quickly signs policies and makes decisions, he challenges my beliefs about our country and world. For example I'm not a fan of vouchers, pollution, deregulation of cell phone privacy measures, and some current immigration enforcement decisions. Instead I'm in favor of well researched and informed bi-partisan debate about critical issues before decisions are made.

What Trump is doing doesn't sit well with me. His tweets seem out of character for a President and disrespectful to past leaders and many current politicians. His affiliations seem suspect and his apparent love of and preference for anything elite worrisome. I will continue to speak out, learn what I can, and act to promote positive decisions. I will be polite to detractors and give them a chance to express their point of view as I want to remain open minded to all points of view as I make my opinions about what is happening.

In the face of the cruelty we witnessed in the chemical-induced deaths of many children and others in Syria today, I realize that we have to work to secure "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all people particularly children." It seems crazy and very sad that people have to be reminded to protect one another including children, but this is a reality in the world we live in. Onward.