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Thursday, April 06, 2017

Delicate Situations

There are many delicate situations in a school house. Since you are working with people, there are times when utomost care and consideration are required. Sometimes these delicate moments happen in the midst of noisy, active childhood play or busy classroom events. What's a teacher to do?

The best teachers take time out to thoughtfully deal with the situation. They pause, think, and react with sensitivity and kindness. These teachers also don't feel a rush to respond if it's better to take a time out and get the consult of others.

These same kinds of delicate situations happen in families. There are times when family members face a delicate situation. I remember years ago at a family get together, one of our brave family members revealed a side of himself that was surprising and emotional. It created quite a reaction, and all acted with sensitivity and were moved by the event. The closeness and care of our extended family made my family member comfortable showing that delicate side of his life.

It's important to work towards creating family-like communities in the classroom, communities where children work together with care and understanding for one another. In these kinds of communities, it's easier to deal with the delicate situations that occur.