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Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Thursday/Friday Catch-Up/Study Days in April

Tomorrow will be one of those catch-up dates that every teacher is familiar with. Students will catch-up on the following:

  • completion of fraction tests
  • making corrections to algebra tests
  • some re-teaching related to algebra tests
  • practice for common assessment
I'll set up my desk to accommodate the line of students who will be asking questions, checking in, and seeking guidance as they complete the tasks assigned. During RTI students will practice a bit more for the common assessment.

Hopefully we'll get all the fraction tests complete by tomorrow so I can review them that evening. Then on Friday we'll continue the catch-up with the following activities:
  • More common assessment study
  • Online program catch-up
  • Re-takes for a few on the algebra test.
Next Monday we'll be off on a field trip and on Tuesday students will practice a bit more for Wednesday's test. Thursday will find us reviewing geometry concepts and after that, the April Vacation begins.