Friday, February 17, 2017

The Benefit of Having Something to Look Forward To

Typically I meet a difficult challenge by planning something to look forward to.

For example, I have a few challenging projects to complete over February vacation. The projects are related to my school efforts, but not tightly connected to the day-to-day teaching. That's why completing the projects during the vacation time is perfect. Yet, I'd rather be taking off for a getaway.

I won't fret, and instead, recognize that in a few months, I have a number of special events planned--the kinds of events that bring great joy to me and my loved ones.

At school, the other day, when students shared their ideas about bettering the class, one student essentially shared a similar thoughts to this post. She said that she liked the way that I shared the schedule with them about what we have to do and what's to come. She said that helps her a lot. I knew, as she spoke, that in some ways she was stating what I'm stating here--it's easier to stay the course if you have something to look forward to, something beyond the challenging efforts.

I told the girl and the rest of the class that I'd update the class website to demonstrate that kind of planning. I'll also review the planning aloud with the class too.