Friday, February 17, 2017

Beware of Judgement; Move Ahead with Compassion

A bit tired and overwhelmed, I wanted to judge another who was not readily available to help. Yet as I thought about the judgement, I also remembered the great number of efforts this individual has done on behalf of me and others, efforts that I'm not nearly as good at or consistent about.

Rarely, if ever, can we point our fingers at another to say they're not doing their part or they're not doing enough as the truth is there's enough work to go around for all of us and typically everyone is working with care to do their part.

I further thought on this matter and recognized the many ways people could judge me with phrases such as she didn't attend that event; she forgot that anniversary; she didn't complete the activity and more. The reality is that none of us can be all things or do all well, but together, however, with compassion, care, and collaboration we can do a lot and do it well.

Our good work, thoughtful process, and important share matters in this regard. When we come together regularly to plan, think ahead, create, and analyze, we have to be cognizant of the potential possible.

The same is true for our students. No student has it all, and no student has nothing of merit to bring to school each day. At their core, I believe that every student is earnest desiring the best for himself/herself and others. They continually reach to gain what they need and want for themselves and others. The key for the teacher is to figure out those needs and wants which are very clear in some places and much less clear or easily identified in other ways.

I want to keep these words in mind as I move forward into this busy Friday before vacation and Friday before a family member's special 87th birthday celebration. There's lots to do, but most importantly I'll reserve judgement and move ahead with compassion and gratitude. Onward.