Friday, February 17, 2017

Since You Can't Do it All, Choose Well

Fridays find us at our PLC in the morning and our student service meetings in the afternoon. In between, we teach and work with children.

We share a lot of information, ideas, and discussion during Fridays. The ideas are bountiful, but we can't do it all.

As I think about the work we did today, I realize that I'm satisfied with the scheduling proposal we've sent forth to the administration team. We'll see what the next steps are after they have a chance to look over our proposed schedule changes.

Discussions about students, upcoming portfolios, and curriculum efforts focuses our efforts after vacation on lots of targeted teaching, teaming, and response. We won't work with that many more new ideas for the year ahead as our schedules our full and it's time to do continue the work we've started to end the year with the success that we started it with.

I'm in the midst of a large number of professional efforts which means there's little room for any additions in that realm.

The big job overall is sticking to the routine and carrying out the plans I've set myself and with others. The summer will bring time for greater study and new ideas. Onward to a what I'm hoping is a positively busy and happy vacation week.