Friday, February 17, 2017

Egos Aside: A Vision

World leaders got together with the premise that life is short and that they should do what they can to forward a joyful, good life for the people on Earth.

Together they discussed the gravest issues as well as the best of what life on Earth has to offer, and they made a few decisions including the following:
  • Together they would promote conservation of the world's resources including clean water, fertile lands, animal life, and safe, sustainable rural, suburban, and city lands.
  • Together they would work to educate all of the Earth's children with as much strength as possible.
  • Together they would work to secure basic needs of health, home, and nutritious food for all of Earth's people.
  • They would look for ways to share Earth's resources in equitable ways.
  • They would maintain "life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness" for all of Earth's people.
As they met, they remarked on their good fortune to be leaders, and that great responsibility that meant. They again, noted how short each life is and that life is not worth much without an earnest effort to live well for self and others.

It was a gratifying meeting for the leaders as well as all whom they led.