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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Charting the Next Steps

Writing, writing, writing to lead myself forward in the teaching/learning arena.

Next week will find students taking a test that last three days for approximately one hour a day.

We'll also have some fun with Valentine's Day math activities, and we'll put together showcase portfolios on our Friday pajama day. I may even wear my new flannel pajamas.

Rerouted once again today, I need to reset the path ahead. Here's where we are headed.

  • Fraction study/projects
  • Fraction assessments
  • Other related math assessments/study
  • Reading RTI
  • Social Competency
  • MCAS
  • Biography Project
  • Fifth Grade Play
  • STEAM Activities
  • Field Studies
  • MTA Summer Conference
Time to look for the light in the night sky.