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Friday, February 10, 2017

We All Bring Different Gifts to the Teaching/Learning Space.

I continually marvel at the gifts my colleagues bring to the teaching/learning space. I remember way back when I sometimes tried to replicate others' gifts, and was frustrated that I couldn't do the same. The truth is that while we learn with and from each other, we still continue to shine in ways that are often different from one another. This is what makes our teamwork dynamic.

It's important to recognize, honor, and respect each others' gifts. It's similarly important to make time and space for each team member to showcase their gifts and lead with those strengths. The same is true for family and friendships too.

In the days ahead, I want to be more cognizant of the tremendous gifts that colleagues bring to school and work to make space for their gifts to lead our collective efforts forward. So much potential for good work and service to children occurs and there remains so much potential for betterment too.