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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Finding the Joy in the Job

I truly enjoy teaching children. I like to create a warm, welcoming environment and foster creative, engaging learning experiences.

The recent setback involving worrisome tech communication and tight protocols has me discouraged tonight. Yet to move on and teach well, I have to find the silver lining. The silver lining will be to focus on the following efforts in the days to come:
  • Continued efforts to make the classroom a "home away from home"
  • Continued efforts to employ maker math activities that engage students and teach the content in multi-modal ways.
  • Continued efforts to reach out to students and support their individual and collective learning.
  • Continued efforts to develop engaging STEAM activities.
  • Efforts to stick to a positive, optimistic routine.
That will help me to find and extend the joy in the job.

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