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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Important Decisions Should Not Be Volunteer Work

Sometimes in schools important decisions depend on volunteer or extra work. At times this comes down to whose available, and availability depends a lot on when and how the volunteer decision time is planned. When this happens, the decisions made have less value than possible.

In the best of circumstances, I believe that important decisions and effort should be part of the regular teaching/learning year--not times when only some or a selected few make the decisions. Good work depends on inclusive voice and effort instead.

For example, sometimes those decisions made by the few available at times outside of the regular teaching/learning are never embraced by the many. This happens because the process was not inclusive involving all voices and good strategic process.

I think that volunteer efforts and extra work is a good time for pilots and creative projects--projects that a few want to try out, but when it comes to work, effort, and impact that affects most or all, I believe that effort should occur on company time with inclusive, strategic process. Do you agree?