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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Differentiate for Teaching/Learning Success

Students come to us with a myriad of needs and knowledge. The key is to coach every child forward with positivity and priority.

As I think of my many math learners, we're at a point we're we'll use a lot of differentiation in the days ahead. We'll differentiate to do the following:

  • Make sure that every child complete the review exercises assigned on That Quiz
  • Make sure that children who needed to study and retake the division test have that opportunity
  • Take a close look at students' areas of need with regard to number sense foundation and continue to strengthen that knowledge, skill, and concept
  • Introduce and review information included on upcoming assessment that is not part of our regular teaching/learning curriculum
  • Continue to work towards mastery with decimals and problem solving
I'll gather students' performance data today and make a chart of who needs to learn what in the days ahead. Then with my colleagues we'll work with multiple small groups to help every child advance. There are times for whole class teaching and times for differentiation. This is an important consideration that teachers make as they prepare, plan, and teach.