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Monday, January 16, 2017

Goals for the Week Ahead

Each teaching week is marked by a number of goals. These are the goals for the teaching week ahead:
  • Solidify planning and logistics for upcoming collegial event. This involves notes, phone calls, and decisions.
  • Focus on problem solving steps during RTI. Prep materials for my group, the core, and enrichment groups.
  • Revisit classroom organization with students. Clean up, organize, put things away in the classroom and coat rack area.
  • Revisit protocols for reading RTI. Assign reading spaces, review choices and protocols, and practice.
  • Review math homework routines, check off names, review assignment with all, and distribute new assignment.
  • Differentiate math teaching and learning to meet the following goals:
    • Redo/completion of division test for selected students
    • Completion of online practice exercises
    • Work towards completion of Symphony Math, TenMarks, and Khan Academy expectations
    • In-depth look and practice with decimal computation and problem solving
    • Focus on the value of "productive struggle, questioning, and patience" with regard to good learning.
  • Review of good character attributes, life of Frederick Douglass, the concept of a "historical mentor," and using questioning to learn more with reading and research
  • Collegial review and discussion about RTI Math groups and math differentiation
  • Review and revision of SEL study group writing work
There are multiple goals this week, goals that I keep writing about and trying to organize in an effort to meet the goals with strength. Our work as teachers is not simple work. Instead it's work with endless possibility and work we need to prioritize and focus in order to do well. I tend to front load a lot of goal related work during the cold days of winter, days that are optimal for deep thinking and effort. Let's see how I do with this week's goals.