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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Recalibrating the School Year to Meet Unexpected Expectations

Every year there are unexpected expectations. As these expectations arise they push other matters forward or back. Thus the need for recalibration.

Last year I had substantial time for outside-of-school endeavor. I used that time to get involved in a large number of learning efforts. This year, however, the school expectations are much more. My job hasn't changed, but the expectations related to my school job are far more intense for a large number of reasons, hence there's lots of unexpected expectations.

What does a teacher do when this occurs?

My first obligation is to the children so I've had to adapt a number of outside-of-school events to make sufficient time for the work to teach each child well. Numbers and needs are greater this year and this takes more time.

Greater numbers and needs also create the need to change the teaching/learning environment a bit, thus a need for reorganization. The shift has also impacted by collegial work too since there are more teachers to work with since many students' are also served by many more educators, specialists, and therapists.

I've shifted a number of outside-of-school events to make time and space for the greater numbers and needs this year, and I'm looking at a few new routines to better serve these worthy fifth graders and their collaborating teachers.

No two years of teaching are ever the same. That's why recalibration is a regular part of the job. The yearly changes are what makes the years of teaching both challenging and rewarding.