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Monday, January 16, 2017

Finesse and Practice

To teach well takes finesse and practice.

Good coaching helps too.

As in any sport or endeavor, there's always room for improvement.

This improvement depends on good strategy, routine, and outlook. The patterns we put into place help us achieve the better teaching and learning that we desire.

These patterns profit from significant time on task, good planning, time for health and recreation, collaboration, and communication.

As I look ahead to the second half of the school year, I recognize that numbers and needs have made the year a bit more intense than originally planned for. Also the number of extra learning events I'm apart of add to the schedule's weight, and for this routine the good routine matters more than ever.

The routine includes the following:

  • Simple classroom organization and schedule
  • A differentiated approach to meeting the standards
  • Clear expectations and protocols for classwork, homework, and our classroom community
  • Good preparation and planning
  • Significant support for each child, family, and colleague
  • Time for health and recreation
It's not a time for new ideas now, and instead it's a time to follow the routine set with a focus on serving every child well. This is the good work I'm called to do in the next six months of the school year.