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Sunday, January 15, 2017

My American Vision

As a new President prepares to take the oath, and a beloved President leaves office, I wonder about my own American vision and what I'll do to contribute to that.

Stay out of the Bedrooms and Bodies of Citizens
I believe that it's not the government's place to be in the bedrooms and bodies of adult citizens--there's no reason for the government to make laws about who we love and live with and what we specifically do with our bodies.

Foster Prevention and Good Living
I believe that our government should contribute to efforts that prevent troubling events and harsh living. With funding, speak, and action our government can help the people help each other by spreading truthful information about what is good for us with regard to health and education and supporting those good efforts. The government can also work to support laws that prevent troubling situations.

Greater Gun Control
I like the analogy of the controls we put around driving cars associated with controls related to owning and using guns. Greater gun control will foster safer communities and better lives.

The Arts
Last night as I sat at a wonderful musical performance, I was in awe at how the arts foster culture and community. In a time where jobs are becoming less and less, and life is changing so much, we need the arts to bring us together, make us think, provide enjoyment, and give life meaning.

Public Education
Every child deserves a non-biased, rich education because we know that educated people help to foster the peace and prosperity of nations. We need to continue to build and support top notch public schools, schools that bring Americans of all religions, cultures, and classes together to learn, solve problems, create, and support one another.

Streamlined, Transparent, Truthful Government
We have to continue to streamline and target government so that it is efficient, transparent, and aimed toward serving all Americans.

Health Care for All
It's within our grasp as a people to provide optimal health care to every citizen. Health care shouldn't depend on your wealth, class, or culture, but instead be known as an inalienable human right--we have the technology, knowledge, and people to do this. There's no reason why anyone should have to suffer with any kind of medical, psychological, or dental problem if we know how to solve it.

Equity and Opportunity
There's enough money to go around so that everyone can have a good life. We need to look for a good balance with regard to income and opportunity so that everyone can live well. We have to watch out for the kind of greed that robs the common man and woman of that opportunity. We have to think more creatively and tax more specifically to make good change in this regard.

Double or Triple Staffs in All Human Service Endeavor to Provide More Jobs, Equity, Happiness and Opportunity
If hospitals, schools, mental health centers, parks, museums, and more had more staff, we would serve people better. With greater taxation of the rich, we can provide that staffing. That staffing will create greater peace, prosperity, and happiness for our entire country.

Stronger, More Positive Communities
We can build these communities by providing support with regard to creating parks, updating infrastructure, fostering green energy ideas, looking for ways to help families and neighbors support one another and raise children well, update homes, and foster good government.

To meet my vision, I'll ally myself with the champions of good work and effort for all people. I'll work with the teachers in my school, my state union and department of education, my neighbors, and my family members to support and champion positive change and effort. I'll continue to reflect and write about good ideas, change, better work and effort, and more in this regard. There is so much we can do to forward our lives, communities, and nation.

What is your American vision? What will you do and how will you contribute to make your vision a reality?