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Monday, January 02, 2017

First Day of School 2017

I'd like to give each child a really good drawing pen since
we'll draw many, many math models in 2017.
Tomorrow will be our first day of school in 2017.

I'll begin the day by saying how happy I am to be there and to have the chance to learn with such an awesome group of students. Later in the week I'll pass out thank you/new year's notes and new drawing pens to each student.

Then I'll remind them of our talk just before vacation and the list we made--a list about what we can do to be a dynamic learning community, a community that supports one another and learns a lot.

After that we'll dive into the math with a review of division algorithms, problem solving, and concepts as well as a chance to practice online and off.

I'll slow down the transitions a bit to remind students about what's expected with regard to respect and responsibility to each other and the rest of the students and adults in the school.

I find that greeting the students with a big smile on the first day back at school goes a long way with regard to a good new start for the days to come. Happy New Year! May your first day back at school be days filled with warmth, smiles, and wonderful learning.