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Monday, January 02, 2017

Old and New: Striking the Balance

The movement forward is one of acknowledging, respecting, and staying faithful to worthy traditional practice while also working for meaningful change.

How does one progress in this way?

Working well by identifying the worthy traditional action as well as new, better action profits from the following:

  • There is strength in numbers when it comes to change
  • Good plans reflect the ideas of many people
  • Relationships, strategic action, communication matter
  • Every positive action no matter how small makes a difference
  • Meetings profit from a clear agenda, time limit, and meaningful rationale and role
  • Be inclusive rather than exclusive
  • Listen
  • Dialogue 
  • Respect and value the ideas and experience of all stakeholders
  • Be specific
Good questioning supports good work too:
  • Who makes the decisions?
  • What solutions exist here and elsewhere?
  • How can we create a strategic process to solve the problem?
  • Who can help us?