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Thursday, January 05, 2017

Back in the Game: Children Empower the Teaching and Learning

Children empower the education work we do.

After the holiday break, I arrived a bit relaxed only to be fully energized by day three back at school. In only three days, the following events and challenges occurred:
  • Many of the wonderful ideas we discussed and debated during a PLC on December 17th were put into place early this week. That meant the addition of new assessments, the start of new RTI groups, one-to-one time, a growth mindset club's first meeting, and new modifications to better support identified learners. Now it's time to see those initiatives through, cull the data, make needed revisions, and continue, but it's been a good start.
  • Students completed division assessments.
  • The decimal unit continued with an introduction to using Google Table to make decimal models. We'll continue that work in the days to come.
  • Students are completing review packets and online review exercises in preparation for upcoming assessments.
  • We started discussing attributes of character in preparation for our upcoming Frederick Douglass historic mentor study.
  • Reading RTI groups restarted. My group used One Minute Reader and identified a new mystery for our book group book.
  • A few minor student conflicts awakened the need for a few more protocols to keep the peace. Parents and teachers know that's a regular activity as children and learning communities develop and grow.
Now as I look forward to the week ahead, I'll focus on lots of direct and indirect learning events working to make sure every child has plenty of time for active learning. We've got a field study, living history presenter, and safety training to look forward to. There's an MTA professional learning committee meeting, DESE TAC meeting, local union meeting, and grade level PLCs on the schedule too. Clearly and happily we're back in the game!