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Thursday, January 05, 2017

Good Process: Do Your Part

A colleague and I discussed a process in the works. I responded, I'll do my part and trust the process. That's the best we can do. We can stay attuned, do what we can, recognize that we see things with one perspective, and trust the process we've contributed to.

I had a similar feeling yesterday at our grade-level meeting. We powered through a large number of items. Fortunately due to our collaboration, we were able to help one another complete a large number of items related to our shared teaching/learning team. As I left the meeting, I was once again so grateful for the fact that we are able to work well together to serve the children well.

I feel the same way about my role on the many committees I serve. I'm happy to do my part on those groups, and I'm also happy to learn from others on the groups. In general, we do well when we work together, choose good process, and trust the process.