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Friday, November 11, 2016

The Challenging Goal: Within Your Grasp

I've been writing about a goal for a long time now.

At first the goal seemed so far away. I couldn't even grasp the goal mentally. It seemed impossible and improbable.

Then recently I saw a glimmer of hope with regard to the goal. I could actually embrace thoughts and ideas related to the goal, thoughts and ideas I simply could not event get close to when I first launched the goal about five years ago.

What's made the difference?

The difference has come from reading about the goal, writing about the goal, and reflecting upon the goal. The difference has also come from seeing the goal modeled by others. It's a tough goal to grasp and there's little modeling of this goal in society which makes it a more difficult goal to reach.

What will I do to further my grasp of the goal?

First, I will study the words that make the goal visible and possible. Without using words that affirm the goal, I have no hope of reaching it.

Next, I will continue to seek examples of the goal in writing and modeling--I will seek out that goal so that I can learn more about it.

After that, I'll practice what I know to be true of the goal to the best of my current ability.

I've failed so much when it comes to reaching this goal, but today I feel like I might be reaching a breakthrough--may it be true.