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Friday, November 11, 2016

Responding to a Trump Presidency: Let's Hope. . . .

In the Twitterverse as in the whole country people are trying to understand the Trump presidency.

I will be open minded and watchful.

We have to stay alert, and get active.

We cannot let this man's campaign rhetoric turn into an ugly reality for our country--a reality where more than 50% of our population is disrespected, demeaned, and denigrated. We can't let a seemingly self-possessed man lead us to a place of no return.

Let's hope, he will do as he said and hire the "best and brightest" to lead and not simply hire those who did him well during the election to take on roles of importance.

Let's hope he will let intellect and research rule rather than old time beliefs and myths. In this, let's hope he leads through the eyes of his young son and grandchildren by taking global warming, world peace, and economic equity seriously. We will all do better when there is fair opportunity and acceptance for every citizen no matter his/her religion, cultural background, race, geographic location, or class.

Let's hope that he will lift himself up from the past to a better future for himself and others. If he cares for the country with the love and care he displays for his family that will take us forward.

Let's hope that he's not too trusting or enamored by foreign leaders who are corrupt and treat people with indignity. We need him to be a champion of human rights and dignity for all.

Let's hope that he doesn't allow himself to be rash, uncensored, intolerant, or impatient when working to solve issues of diplomacy and global collaboration. It's ignorant to think that any country can stand alone today as we all rely on one another on planet Earth.

Let's hope that he thinks to himself, "I have the chance to truly improve the world for the people who live here now and the people that will live here later, and that no matter what promises I made to many, I have a responsibility to do what is right and good. I have a chance to elevate myself beyond the limitations critics impose on me due to my past language, acts, and beliefs."

Let's hope that while he thinks of ways to serve his many supporters, he also carefully outlines expectations for civility, equality, and respect.

I will be open minded, watchful, and active as this presidency begins. I will use the energy this campaign, election, and results have fueled to better my teaching and advocacy for the democracy, country, and global citizenry I believe in, strive to model, and plan to support. That is my current plan at this turn in the political road.