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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Professional Learning Path: Next Steps

The professional learning path twists and turns as events and endeavor change all around me. My professional learning schedule for the past year has been intense, perhaps too intense. Now I want to tone it down a bit so I focus on other parts of life, yet I truly love to learn especially when that learning directly impacts the teaching I do with and for students. So what's on the current agenda.

Social Emotional Learning Study/Writing Group
I'm working with a small group in this endeavor and it's lots of intense work. Since this work sits a step or two away from my direct teaching, I'm not as motivated, but I'll get it done and it's good learning that will positively impact my overall teaching/learning efforts and impact.

ESSA/Teachers Advisory Cabinet
I'm studying ESSA with intensity for my work on the state's Teacher Advisory Council and my work as a union representative. I'm very invested in this study since I believe the language of the new law will positively impact teacher leadership which in turn will foster greater student engagement, empowerment, and success.

Culturally Proficient Teaching
I'm working with my grade-level team to boost our efforts to present a culturally proficient program. Our efforts to date have been very good. Our next step is to complete reading Emdin's book, plan and prepare for our intense grade-level study of Frederick Douglas, and a deep program and practice assessment related to cultural proficiency.

Math Scope and Sequence
Prompted by system directives, I'm digging into the details of the our systemwide scope and sequence as well as the state standards for math education. I simply love working with numbers and I'm finding that this intense work is wonderful. Students are also enjoying the many connections we're making and fluency development as we work together to understand the behavior or numbers through multiple lenses including paper/pencil study, online practice, model making, discussion, and more.

Professional Learning
Although it will be a slow start due to a couple of personal matters that will prevent me from attending initial meetings, I am looking forward to serving on the MTA's professional learning committee. The wonderful MTA professional learning events drew me into greater activity with my union, and I hope to support the continuation of those events as one way to build our collective efforts as Massachusetts educators to teach and learn well.

Shared Model of Teaching
My daily efforts will continue to support our wonderful shared teaching model.

Writing, Research, and Reflection
I'll continue to analyze, reflect, read, research, and write to lead my work forward and hopefully support the learning and teaching of others too.

STEAM/Science Study
For now that's on a back burner until late winter and spring when I'll dive back into these efforts with my colleagues at the school and across the district.

Educon 2.9
I'm really looking forward to attending this conference as it's always a catalyst to better teaching and learning.

I find myself saying no to a lot of invitations and events these days as the professional learning plate is very full at the moment. Next summer I'll revisit this direction to make decisions about the direction going forward, but for now I've got a good agenda to follow.