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Thursday, October 13, 2016

The Good Teacher

To be the good teacher is a challenging goal as it's not a simple matter to teach well.

The good teacher has terrific patience, dedication to his/her students, sufficient knowledge, a love of learning, and a quest to serve all students well.

This teacher is well prepared, rightly responsive, and both detailed and broad minded with regard to content, concept, skill, and students' needs and interest.

He/she is often a quiet and committed professional who puts students first. Sometimes the good teacher is a strong advocate who also looks for ways to make schools better and more inclusive when it comes to teaching well.

To be the good teacher takes the support of one another in and out of school--a good teacher needs optimal support to advance and teach well. No one teacher is the best teacher, but instead it's what we can do together to maximize our strengths and contribution that makes each individual educator good.

The good teacher works to avoid contrary attributes of teaching well such as impatience, lack of preparation, little learning, student disregard, competition over collaboration, dishonesty, and disrespect.