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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Less Jobs: An Opportunity to Rethink the Way We Live

News reports tell us that the number of jobs as we know them will continue to decrease. I heard this years ago at a meeting at Google.

This diminishing numbers of jobs as we know them may actually create an opportunity to rethink the way we live.

What "rules" of living that people have created over time would you change.

I would think about changing the following patterns and expectations.

More Time for Families
I would look for ways to make more time for families.

More Places for Safe, Enjoyable Family Fun
I'd support more wonderful, clean, natural, and healthy public places such as parks, forests, and places to swim, hike, play, create, and learn. I'd support these places well with many committed workers.

Better Homes
I'd make sure that all people have good places to live, places with enough space, updated equipment, comfortable furniture and safe neighborhoods.

Health Care for All
I'd increase numbers of doctors and places to receive quality health care. There would be no limit on the care people could get.

Quality Education
I'd increase the numbers of educators and the quality of schools so that everyone has the opportunity for a quality education.

Healthy Foods
Using modern technology and land preservation, I'd work towards creating more healthy, accessible food for all.

Rather than build all kinds of average buildings, we could increase our expectations for wonderful architecture and landscape architecture. We could work more to increase beauty and the arts.

Recreation, Hobbies, and Creativity
We could increase opportunity for recreation, hobbies, and creativity.

Truly we create our world to a large part. Many of the rules and patterns we follow were put in place long before we were born. Some of those rules and patterns serve us well as people, but many others don't serve us well.

We need to think creatively as a people about how we use our resources to create a good life for people in every community. I think we can do a better job.