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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

How Can we Teach ALL Students?

Some may wonder why an educator would ask the question in the title. Don't we teach ALL students everyday? The truth is that it's challenging to teach ALL students well and it takes the investment, collaboration, and focus of all educators in the learning community to do this well.

At ECET2-MA2016, I'm looking forward to learning more ideas with regard to Teaching All Students--I want to know how I can better my craft and work with colleagues to better our schools so that we're not missing anyone and we're teaching everyone well.

I believe that recent efforts have elevated what we do for students. I've seen dramatic, positive changes in reading programs so that now almost every child that enters fifth grade reads well. That wasn't true when I first started teaching.

Now we need to think about ways to change "almost everyone" to "everyone." One idea might be to provide students who enter our school late with an intensive reading program upon entry--that might help us to make that change. I'm sure that colleagues have other ideas for change too.

As a statewide community of educators, we'll be addressing this issue as we share and learn from one another at ECET2-MA2016.

If you have answers for this question, please add them to this google doc.