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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Are You in the Loop?

I think there's much to be gained when organizations keep employees in the loop of upcoming events and relevant information. When secrets prevail, organizations don't reach the potential possible.

Many may not think what they are doing or how they do it affects others, but I know that when connections, actions, plans, questions, and ideas are readily shared, everyone benefits.

As much as possible I try to be transparent about the efforts I'm involved in. I typically invite colleagues to join me in endeavors too. Some do and some don't which is just fine since everyone is busy with many initiatives and efforts.

What's troubling is to hear about systemwide events from those unrelated to your system. Someone might say, "I hear that your system is taking part in _____." And you respond, "Wow, that's a surprise to me." It actually feels a bit embarrassing to be left out of the loop.

The new ESSA legislation, I believe, promotes greater transparency, inclusiveness, and educator involvement. In many ways, these new policies don't leave teachers out of the loop, but instead invite their voice and choice.

I think it's best in most circumstances to be open about what's going on by publishing a regular newsletter that includes updates and announcements about upcoming events, initiatives, and plans. When everyone is in the loop we can better work collectively to maximize our efforts and plans.