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Monday, October 10, 2016

ECET2-MA2016: Reflecting ECET2 Values

ECET2 leaders sent out the video above to inspire and inform those of us forwarding ECET2 events across the country. As we reach towards ECET2-MA2016, it's time to look at how the event will match the ECET2 values in the image below.

Nurture Trust Among Teachers
Our team of five team members work in different schools and communities throughout the state. Our attendees include educators we work with, know from our education connections, and those who nominated themselves and were nominated by other educators and partners throughout the state. Our connections and desire to convene on a Saturday in addition to the format for share and celebration will provide a good environment in which to build trust.

Focus on Each Teacher's Potential for Growth
As educators we will present areas of interest and expertise to one another. We'll also have the chance to discuss a problem of practice together in Colleague Circles where they'll synthesize our collective experience, knowledge, and skill as we work towards a solution.

Inspire Both the Intellect and the Passion that Drives Teachers in Their Work
We have a number of inspiring educators who will share their stories. I'm sure their words will both inspire and challenge us. In addition, the professional presentations, colleague circles, and time for conversation will give all of us a chance to use both our "heads and hearts" as we think about our practice including what we do well and what we want to develop.

Provide Time for Collaboration and Learning
It's the hope that this event will be one more way to connect Massachusetts educators in our efforts to teach all students well. There are follow-up mini-grants to help teachers bring the learning and new ideas to their students and a Sunday Twitter chat to discuss how we'll bring the day's share forward. We'll build in a place for educators to share the many ideas shared and created throughout the day--ideas that we can use to elevate our practice. We'll encourage our colleagues to share contact information, questions and resources with one another too.

Put Teachers in the Lead
This event is created by teachers for teachers. Teachers are speaking, presenting, sharing ideas, conversing, and celebrating with one another. It's a grass roots effort to inspire and elevate our efforts to teach all students.

Recognize Teachers as Talented Professionals
The event recognizes that all of the teachers in the room are committed professionals who have talent, skill, and expertise to share.

ECET2's like edcamps are one more vehicle for rich professional learning. It's a pleasure to be involved in this effort, an effort that Elevates and Celebrates Effective Teaching and Teachers. As we continue to plan, I'll continue to think with the other members of the planning team about the many ways we can make the event's mission noted above a reality throughout the day.