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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Vision Leads

At a weekend gathering of union members, I asked the facilitator, "What's the vision?"

The facilitator responded that they didn't have a vision yet, and that would come.

I listened and wondered.

Typically it's the vision that gives me strength. I like the long view and I like to understand this view with depth. I want to visualize the vision, read about it, try it on, and reflect about it.

For example, my teaching is led by a vision that includes the following elements:
  • Students are eager and excited about coming to school.
  • Students are respected, contributing, and full members of the learning community.
  • Students ask lots of questions and are unafraid of debate.
  • Students learn a lot with regard to knowledge, concept, and skill.
  • Students collaborate honestly and successfully with one another.
  • Students develop their passions and interests.
  • Students are well loved and cared for.
  • The teaching/learning environment is inviting and sparks curiosity.
  • There is lots of joy.
  • The programming connects well to local and global communities.
  • Together we create a memorable year, one that contributes to a child's strong foundation in life.
I know that some are less moved by vision. These people, like bricklayers, tend to focus on one brick at a time. They build up piece by piece.

I like to work with these people as they tend to be detail oriented, in the moment, and focused on real-time specifics. It's important that when we work together, however, that we understand each others' focus and respect the value in each others' perspective. When "bricklayers" and "visionaries" work together, the creation is both inspired and strong--there is a mutual benefit, it's a symbiotic relationship.

Of course none of us or few are purely "bricklayers" or "visionaries," instead we're all a bit of both--led by the light of vision and committed to developing the strong foundation to reach that vision. 

Vision leads yet it is only reached when we commit to the "bricks" or actions, materials, and step-by-step plans that move us towards vision's light, promise, and potential.