Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Summer Study List 2016

It's only been one week of school vacation, but it feels like we've been off for a long time. I know the summer weeks will fly by, and after a week, I realize that I have to rethink the focus of the days ahead since initial plans are a bit too ambitious.

What will summer study bring?

The Wayland Institutes 2016
This was a terrific learning experience during the last week of June. 

There's lots to do to plan for this exciting October 22, 2016 event. Stay tuned.

From July 19-July 22, I'll volunteer as a scribe at the BLC in Boston. I've heard so many wonderful descriptions of this conference that I'm excited to experience first-hand.

I'll present on Professional Learning via Social Media, Reflect for Success, and Maker Math at the MTA Summer Conference. I'm looking forward to this mini-educational retreat in the beautiful town of Amherst, Massachusetts as The University of Massachusetts from July 31 to August 4. This mini mid-summer education retreat has served as a great chance to jumpstart the school year ahead as well as to connect with and learn from education colleagues from across the state. If you're looking for an inspiring start for the school year ahead, you may want to attend one or more days of this conference that's open to all MTA members.

McAuliffe Center - Integrated Science Learning, 
On August 11, I'll join other local educators for this exciting learning opportunity. Our students will visit the McAuliffe Center in the fall so this workshop will help me to prepare for their experience too.

Summer Reading
I'm not sure I'll find time for all the books on my booklist, but hopefully I'll get to some of them, especially The Joy of X and Emdin's book too.

TeamFive TEAM Meeting
Our grade level team will likely meet to plan the year ahead.

Grade Five Math Book/Blog
To guide the math teaching/learning year ahead, I'll continue to write down my lessons and learning/teaching plans on this site throughout the summer and school year ahead. 

This is a realistic list of summer study, a list of activities that I believe will inspire the school year ahead.