Friday, June 03, 2016

Wayland Institutes 2016

Once the school year ends, it's time for the Wayland Institutes. The Institutes take place in Wayland, MA and feature a keynote speaker as well as workshops focused on ELA and STEAM. Educators are welcome to join us for these events. It's a great way to jumpstart the teaching year ahead.

As well as attending multiple workshops, I'll present the following topics.

Learning Design
I'll lead workshop participants through conversation, design, and share relative to program elements they'd like to refine, revise, or add in the year ahead.

Digital Stories
I continue to believe that crafting digital stories in any curriculum area is a rich way to learn and share information. I hope that participants will begin to craft their own digital stories, stories they can use as exemplars for a an upcoming project.

Including Math Digital Stories:
There's an inaccuracy in this film that needs to be fixed. Can you determine what that inaccuracy is?

For the STEAM Institute, I'll lead a workshop on the "TEAM in STEAM." Using Boaler's research in Mathematical Mindsets, participants will have an opportunity to review and try out the STEAM TEAM roles above as they work in teams to empathize, define, ideate, prototype, and test to solve a design problem. Hopefully their creations will serve as a model as they later lead their students in a similar activity. I'm also hoping that together we'll take a detailed look at these roles and providing greater language and breadth with regard to use and definition.

Finally I'll introduce educators to the wonderful Global Cardboard Project. We'll discuss ways that this can be implemented at various times during the school year and the many teaching/learning goals this project can support, projects such as service learning events, a school-wide arcade, and Rube Goldberg simple machine study.